What we can do for you

We are in outsourcing since 2005 and that put us on varius projects, teams, technologies and programming languages.

Looking at our history as web developers there are bands of experience based on which we can provide services to you.

From the largest to the narrower, that would be:

  • Web Application Development (including Web Site Development)
    • PHP programming
      • eZ Publish Development
      • Sugarcrm Development
      • Wordpress Development
  • Maintainance and support Services for eZ Publish, Sugarcrm, Wordpress or custom PHP projects implemented by us
  • Linux Server administration (these only when needed in conjunctions with the development service above)

Resuming, we can fit well in any project that needs PHP developers but the most value you'll get if your project uses eZ Publish, Sugarcrm, Wordpress.

Contact us if you have any questions.